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Pipi Band, as Korean 90's Influental Band

Pipi Band [삐삐밴드]/Pipi Longstocking [삐삐롱스타킹]

Years of Activity: 1995-1997

Lee Yoon-Jeong [이윤정] (Vocal - in Pipi Band)
Kwon Byeong-Joon/Goguma [권병준/고구마] (Vocal - in PiPi Longstocking)
Kang Gi-Yeong [강기영] (Bass)
Park Hyeon-Joon [박현준] (Guitar)

Cultural Revolution [문화혁명] (1995)
Impossible Mission [불가능한 작전] (1996)
Red Bean Fish Buns [붕어빵] (1996)
One Way Ticket [원웨이 티켓] (1997)
Pipi Band Pipi Longstocking: The Complete Best [삐삐밴드 삐삐롱스타킹 The Complete Best] (2004)

In 15 Words or Less:  La Resistance of the Weird.

Representative Song:  Strawberry [딸기], from Cultural Revolution


설탕에 찍어 딸기를 먹었어
Had a strawberry dipped in sugar
딸기밭에서 하루종일 놀았어
Played all day at the strawberry field
한참을 놀다보니 하루가 다갔어
Played for a while and the whole day passed
하루는 스물네 시간일까
Why is there only 24 hours in a day

수박 아줌마는 얼룩무늬 치마
Lady watermelon wears a striped skirt
참외 할머니는 귀머거리 할머니
Grandma melon is a deaf grandma
사과 외숙모는 친절한가봐
Auntie apple seems nice
딸기 친구는 사랑스러워
Strawberry my friend is adorable

좋아 좋아 좋아 좋아
Like like like like like like like
좋아 좋아 좋아 좋아
Like like like like like like like
좋아 좋아 좋아 좋아
Like like like like like like like
좋아 좋아 좋아 좋아
Like like like like like like like
딸기가 좋아
I like strawberry
딸기를 사달라고 졸랐어
I asked someone to buy me a strawberry
딸기를 먹지 않고 웃기만 했어
I didn't eat strawberry, but smiled
나는 이렇게 너를 좋아하는걸까
Why do I like you so much anyway
나는 니가 좋은지 몰라
I don't even know why I like you
그건 정말 몰라 () 나도 몰라
I really don't know (yeah) I don't know either

새빨간 딸기는 너무 아름다워
Bright red strawberry is so beautiful
포도 아저씨는 꿈꾸는 사람
Uncle grape is a dreamer
설탕에 찍어 딸기를 먹었어
Had a strawberry dipped in sugar

좋아 좋아 좋아 딸기가 좋아
Like like like I like strawberry
좋아 좋아 좋아 딸기가 좋아
Like like like I like strawberry
딸기가 제일 좋아 
I like strawberry the best
It's really good.

Why is that this important band?
The year is 1995, once K-pop was nearing its decisive turning purpose in 1996/1997. The popular culture scene simply exited the oppressive mood of the military autocracy that lasted till 1993, and was on its thanks to the heavilycommercialised variety of these days. The thought artists were principally dance "musicians" Who peddled insensitive music accompanied with catchy tunes, plagiarism and many of transcription, or proficient singers marketing out their skills to sweet "ballad" songs. The underground music scene, whose resistance to the up to date politics oil-fired abundant of its creativeness, was attenuated at the side of its nemesis. The notableindie music scene before of Hong-Ik University wasn't nonetheless to be.
Enter Pipi Band, who bucked the trend in each method. The band concerned, no performing arts. The tunes were unsmooth and strange. The lead (female!) singer wasn't really pretty, and will not sing. (Therearea unit unconfirmed rumors that she was brought into the band specifically as a result of she was therefore unhealthyat singing.) Their lyrics were at the best nonsensical, at the worst insane. They rarely looked on TV. However, they kicked and barged their method into public consciousness by the sheer force of their unfamiliarity. Only one listen was all you required to furrow your brow in confusion, and switch to your friend and raise, "Have you detected this song?"
This weird band became a lot of notable. However the raised profile solely looked as if it would goad the band into turning into even weirder and a lot of immune to the prevailing trend. On TVthey'd sing with a loudspeaker rather than an electro-acoustic transducer to mock alternative "singers" who resorted to lip synching. If a program compelled them to play canned music, they just stood around and refused to play the instruments. Everything finally came to a head once Pipi Longstocking -- the modified name of the band when they replaced the vocal -- spat at the camera and raised their finger throughout a live telecast of a well-liked music program. Ban from tvfollowed, and also the members split up to travel their own path.
Pipi Band is vital as a result of them set out 2 very vital trends in K-pop that carry on these days -- resistance to the new thought, and being weird. Though the corporatized, pre-packaged "bands" are a unit presently the thought in K-pop, Choson still contains a firm culture that involves true singer-song writers and artists Who area unit willing to push the boundaries of traditional. Though the band's direct influence wasn't rather more than a flash, it did what each pioneer did -- inform to the road less taken, though they themselves could have solely taken many steps toward it.

Interesting Trivia:
- Vocal Lee Yoon-Jeong could be a female offspring of Lee Gyeong-Jae, a distinguished politician. She was a danseuseby coaching. Currently, she could be a stylist for the recent crop of celebrities.
- The player Kang Gi-Yeong accustomed belong to Sinawi [시나위], in all probability the best serious metal band in K-pop history. He has currently adopted the nom de guerre of Dalparan ("Moon Blue") [달파란], and remains potent in Korea's indie music scene.

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